Clock Tower

This is the face of Seaton Carew Bus Station’s Clock Tower – a recently renovated grade II listed, art deco clock tower.  It faces out in four directions, including across the North Sea.  It’s not quite the wreck it used to be, but the site is still a favourite for underage drinkers although most of the graffiti has gone.

The whole structure, which involves the tower, two extended bus platforms, seating and toilets, is over designed for what it is.  The lengthy facade hark back to when bus travel was more important and there were attempts to market the village of Seaton Carew as a major destination for day trippers.  The art deco exterior was precient, because suggests an importance that the building never attained.  It was designed as this landscape building but it never lived up to its architectural grandeur.

That’s a shame but then the North Sea coast is not always the best place to spend your day unless the weather is really very good.  Last time I was on Seaton Beach I saw people sitting on the sand in coats.  I’ve always thought the place was at least two degrees colder than the rest of Britain.

It’s  an iconic, yet ironic building which never fulfilled the desires of the town planners.


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