I’m sticking with 35mm film for the foreseeable future because however good the quality of a JPG gets, the same technology can be applied to a film for scanning.  For example, I’ve scanned images at 70mb size before.  The cost of a SLR which can produce that kind of resolution is prohibitive to an amateur like me (especially when I’m hanging the SLR outside of a car).  One day soon, you be able to get cheap cameras with a 70 megapixel resolution as standard but I expect that you’ll be able to scan film at 200 mega pixels or more by that time.  Film is an analogue medium and so there’s a lot of information on each image to capture.

The other thing I like, is that I can go back to my first images from the mid 90s and scan them at whatever the best resolution available is.  My digital images from the early 2000’s are now pretty small and crappy.  They are the equivalent of passport photos.    In theory you could go back to any film negative from the last hundred or more years and scan it whereas electronic images from the mid 70’s would be unusable on a conventional computer today.

There’s also the problem of file copying that I’ve come across.  When I’m backing up files in large quantities, I’ve noticed that some JPGs become corrupted.  Because I’m not re saving the file, this is definitely not a compression issue.  I’ve read about many others experiencing this problem and I’m concerned about the long term viability of digital files.  It’s nice to have a negative to rescan even if I have to edit it on Photoshop again.

So far the time being I will be a half digital, half film photographer, which means I have the twin pleasures of organising many gigabytes of pictures and many thousands of film negatives.

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