Ubiquitous Picture of an Aeroplane Wing

One of the great photographic cliches and like most cliches, it’s hard to resist.

Canon EOS 5 and Fujicolour C200.

9 thoughts on “Ubiquitous Picture of an Aeroplane Wing

    1. Absolutely right John Masters… I was on a plane flying back from Venice on 26th Dec ( I know just showing off ! ) sitting in the aisle seat. 2 youngish women ( strangers to me and each other) sitting between me and the window. The woman at the window fell asleep; she looked beautiful and serene in the light and I sooooo wanted to take a photograph but the woman sitting between us refused to sleep so I didn’t feel I could…a missed opportunity at every turn 😉


      1. I was recently say next to an off duty Virgin air stewardess in full uniform. There was definitely a photo opportunity there but I bottled it. Instead I took some very black, under exposed pictures out of the window.



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