Bus Stop

As it’s New Year, I’ve taken some time to update my pages underneath the header.  The wordpress.com annual report is linked up there together with the ten most popular images from 2011.

This image above is not one of them but the young lady with her attention fixed on her phone shows why mobile technology is ruining street photography.  More and more, instead of looking up in case there’s someone trying to take a picture, people are tweeting and updating their status on facebook. Eyes down will be the pose of the 21st Century.


  1. I’ve never been a very comfortable ‘street photographer’ which really annoys me because I’d love to do a project based on my journey to and from work in the morning. Virtually everyone has their head buried in their phone, iPad or Kindle now. Good observation – I like 🙂


  2. It used to be books now its more tech based… The interactions still interest me as people become totally engrossed in what they are doing showing a side of themselves they normally wouldnt… Love the unguarded pose and especially the feet… All the better to catch them on film 🙂


  3. It’s hard to know how photos of people holding cell phones will be viewed in 40 years. When I am out photographing on the street, I know that I always look around at all the modern cars and think “Ugh…these cars do not look good in the background of photos AT ALL.” But then, I imagine, neither did the cars of the 60’s to photographers of the 60’s. So, in a few decades we may look back at these photos of people on their phones with a different perspective. Who knows.


  4. I think it is interesting that you think mobile phones are ruining street photography as so often you hear of sharing and taking photos with a phone as a new way of getting people interested in photography. However, very often I find using a phone to take a photo, detracts from experience, and you just end up with a poor image and vague memories!


    1. Well mobile phones definitely make it easier to share images and they are often invaluable when you’re on the move but sometimes it seems that all we do is stare at screens at home, work and on the move.


      1. I’m all for people sharing creativity, but I would definitely like to see more things (photos, drawings, writing, music) with more foresight and effort.



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