Blocks of Concrete

The built environment that most of us live in seems to come down to blocks of concrete.  Blocks that look like building, blocks of walkways, blocks of plazas.  Sometimes they look like they have been dropped from the sky and perhaps that’s how they were planned.

More recently, we’ve seen steel and glass being used in ever greater amounts to break up the greys and mauve colours of concrete.  There are also flats and offices which are arranged like square or individual, bite-sized boxes for work or living.


  1. Have you heard that some guy in Germany have invented concrete with carbon fibers instead of iron reebar. New concrete is much thinner and stronger. Ideal, don’t you think?


  2. Fantastic collection of buildings 🙂 I find buildings much more enjoyable to shoot than people. They can hold a pose for long periods of time. They don’t complain and they just love the camera 😉



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