Something Gerry Anderson Would Stick on Mars

This reminds me of something that would fit in a Gerry Anderson TV series from the 60s.  Perhaps its a secret Mars base about to be visited by Thunderbird 2?

I took it with my normal kit and its obviously black and white film.  Due to the light, I had the aperture wide open and I was low down looking over some dunes.  This has increased the model like look of the shot.  It’s a genuine foreground but it does look like some papier mache.

David Hall is another wordpress blogger who often shoots some great pictures of this part of the world. It’s the Seal Sands area which is on the North East coast of England.  He does nice colour pictures, I do gloom.  This shot of the cloud didn’t require much processing.  It looks burned in but it isn’t.

It’s almost like an alien landscape. You are stood on a beach with these big blocks of industry on one side and the sea on the other. Some of these blocks are power stations, some are refineries and some fix ships.  There even seems to be an oil platform in there.

There’s not much light left but that’s OK.  It’s when the sun goes down that these blocks really impose themselves on the landscape and . In the time that’s left I have the chance to take shots of these blocks with the sun behind them they become black and monolithic.

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP 5+

19 thoughts on “Something Gerry Anderson Would Stick on Mars

  1. I find the third photograph especially attractive. Looks like as if it was drawn with a pencil. And a very good composition, too.


  2. Ah…I know it so well. I guess that we are walking in each others footsteps Dave. Your monochrome really puts a different slant on the scenes. I love the third pic and you describe it so well.



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