False Start

I once read an article about how focus in photography is overrated.

It’s the end of London 2012 today so here’s a picture of Christine Ohuruogu taking off from the blocks a few years ago.  What is lost in definition is made up for with the colours and the blur suggesting the movement that you can’t see on a still frame.  However, it was all a little too fast because this was declared a false start and they had to do it again a minute later.


  1. Sometimes a deliberately or accidentally blurred image is the most aesthetically creative way to go about photographing something.

    If everything in this picture was pin sharp, it honestly may not be as spectacular as this. Now you’ve made a surreal image of a false start that may get get people to appreciate it longer than the statistical 20 seconds that the average person takes to regard a work of art.

    I like it.



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