Summer’s Gone

Summer’s over, the schools go back next week so that must be it.  I was worried that I hadn’t taken enough pictures over the summer with the weather being so bad but I’ve got quite a few rolls of film in the develop, scan, edit and post queue.  If the gods of photography are kind, these are some of things I should be able to blog about in the near future:

  • A human pyramid
  • A really fat frog
  • Classic cars
  • Straw
  • Stars in the night sky
  • A hippy
  • The end of the pier
  • Experiments with long exposures in daylight (not confident about these ones turning up OK)
  • Fountains
  • Meerkats
  • Water features
  • Really bad rain

It occurred to me that I’m still posting stuff I took last year so it may be some time before all of this stuff shows up on her.



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