This is an interesting site here

These guys are trying to keep Polaroid photography alive by selling film and remaking some of the old cameras. In a way this technology is better than current digital because almost as soon as you take the picture you can see it and have a hard copy.

Polaroids also have a certain reputation. For those of you too young to remember the pre-digital era, once you took a picture you had to take the film somewhere to have it developed. This meant that with normal film other people got to see what you had taken and they got to see it before you.

With a Polaroid, the shot is taken, the print comes out of the camera and within a minute you have a finished photograph without taking it to the chemist. So, Polaroids were good for those ‘moments’ that you didn’t want to share with too many others.

I’ve never actually used one, so does anyone have any experiences with Polaroid photography – ones that they don’t mind sharing?


  1. My interest for Polaroid actually awakened thanks to Impossible Project. I love what they are doing, and I think they do fantastic films, and I love this expression!
    And it is so fantastic that there actually is people who takes on this kind of challenge for the benefit of art.
    My suggestion is to look carefully of the film formats they produce, go out and search for an used Polaroid caera that fits their film, and by film from them!
    Their films are kind of pricy, but consider all the effort! And a camera you can get for almost nothing.
    If you find one that needs some extra care, go to Film Photography Project, http://www.filmphotographyproject.com , they have lots and lots of tips and tutorials of how to fix your camera. Both on there site and on youTube. They have a great podcast of film photography too!
    Good luck, it is a great adventure into a (for me) new world of photography!
    Have a wonderful sunday!


  2. They’ve also got a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make a polaroid machine that prints a real polaroid from those camera apps they put on phones. Never shot polaroid either, but have really been looking into it, and am considering trading in my 4×5 for an 8×10 to start shooting with the polaroid film that company just started producing. It’s about $20 per sheet, but when you consider there is no developing cost, or printing cost, it’s not too outrageous.



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