Blue Tit

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?  I’ll rename the post if so.  I’m terrible at names of natural things.

Canon EOS1, Kodak TMax 400

Update:  Thanks for the comments below.  I’ve now renamed the post Blue Tit because that is the consensus.

Author: mostlymonochrome

13 thoughts on “Blue Tit”

  1. Isn’t it a bluetit? I saw some similar yesterday but with long tails, so I guess they were long-tailed tits. But they ‘escaped’ before I could get a picture; yours is super!


  2. I love the light and lines in this shot which is wonderful B&W but is the bird perhaps a more colourful Blue Tit? Am with you on the names of natural species . . .


  3. It looks like a type of chickadee, and they have been known to hang upside down like that. Research it since you know the colors of the bird and I don’t. 😉 Great shot, by the way!!



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