Some pictures of soldiers.  The first two are some GIs who look like they’ve just got back from the front.  This top one was a close up which I botched and got a bit of shake in it.  So I used Photoshop to sharpen and wash it out a bit.  It’s not bad focus, it’s art.

Very good stance from this gentleman.

If you’re British, you look at this photo and think ‘Don’t tell him, Pike.’

Discussing the war.

‘There’s another one of those bastards with cameras.’

This shot looks a little reflective.  I avoided cropping it to put some space in the photo which helps, I think.  It also makes the photo seem less light-hearted and a bit more serious.  This made me think about kids of his age actually taking part in war.  Maybe they sit with this expression on their faces inbetween battles.

10 thoughts on “Soldiers

  1. Love WWII, and these are great candid shots!
    Everyone knows the 101st obviously from band of brothers.
    The last picture, it looks like the boy is holding a BAR, which an NFL player couldnt shoot with out being knocked back so it likely wasn’t his, maybe just holding it or cleaning it, hopefully he’s just a page or assistant.
    I also noticed his arm patch is the same as my grandpas who was in the 2nd armored divison.
    so he most likely was probably some sort of mechanic’s assistant.



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