This is an interesting article, especially half way down when he talks about photographers being people who make pronouncements without ever testing them out.  Theory without analysis.  I’m sure I do this but then when I make a theory about how to take a picture the best way, my own experiences must count as something towards proving the theory.

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  1. It is indeed an interesting article but I think there is a flaw in the argument. Science does not, I believe, postulate then be disproved by experiment. The proposition is made then the experiments endeavour to disprove it; the more well-constructed experiments which fail to disprove it, the more likely it is to be correct. But it is never sure. So you are right, all your experience (many ‘experiments’) seem to indicate how best to take the picture, but once in a while when you have it you might decide it’s not a good picture, but you’ll never know whether the way you approached it was, nevertheless, the best way.



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