Just went to my local camera shop with a roll of film and they said we don’t develop anymore.

Author: mostlymonochrome

22 thoughts on “Nightmare”

  1. This happened to me as well in the local shop. I had to either send it to a big lab (and get my negs back scratched or cut weirdly) or use an expensive speciality lab for 5€ a roll. Since I already pay 4.50€ a roll anyway, this was getting too expensive for me. I just started developing myself and it’s really easy and cool. Look up Rodinal stand development. Totally hassle free. I just let it sit for an hour agitating at the beginning for a minute and once at the halfway point. Then stop, fix, wash. No exact timing or temperatures required and it’s great for pushed film. And to be honest, the results are way better than with the labs.


  2. It’s a sobering fact of life. I used to stubornly shoot only film but I knew the day would come when it would be too expensive for me to go on that way; whether developing and printing myself or having it done in a third party lab. I was quickly sucked away into the digital vortex.

    I still have my 35mm but it no longer gets used. The time came when most of the labs in my town and others within a 70km radius started saying that they no longer sell or process film. The rest is photography history.


  3. Yeah, I finally gave in and bought a very basic film developing kit. I’m not really looking forward to developing my own (not sure when I’ll have the time), but it’s probably best to get a head start before there are no more options.


  4. There should be a I don’t like button it seem strange to like such news.Time home home developing. I used to go down to my local place and just get the negs developed. Now them out source and take the equivalent of £19 for negs pic’s and CD take it or leave it. I left it. I now just do B&W which I develop myself. If you haven’t done it before give it a try. Theres lots of posts on Youtube. The Scanner is the only real cost.


  5. The postage might do it in but my local shop is first class and not expensive (Develop only C-41, £1.99, in 15 minutes!). £2.99 to scan and put on a CD. Go to I’m lucky, they’re only 15 min away. Not worth doing C-41 myself, but I do ‘conventional’ B&W at home.


  6. That is how Epson sells scanners, Paterson sells developing tanks, and Kodak and Ilford sell chemicals. It’s a small investment (under $300 US), but you have control over the developing process if you do it yourself, at least for black and white. It IS a nightmare, however, if you don’t want to do it yourself…


  7. Bummer but surprising they were still developing at this point. Most gave it up a while ago. youre lucky you still HAVE a local store, ours have all closed.



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