dolls dolls-(2) dolls-(3) dolls-(4) dolls-(5) dolls-(6)

Uncanny valley?

Author: mostlymonochrome

10 thoughts on “Dollface”

  1. Great lighting with these. I think it’s interesting that the comments are “eerie and creepy” (which is to be expected). You were able to achieve that by manipulating the lighting- so, my hat is off to you. :0) In broad daylight (and in colour) no doubt, they would look typically dollish and maybe even “cute”. I appreciate your spin on it. (I would have done the same thing.)


    1. Thank you. I did go for the darker look deliberately, but I also wanted the doll faces to be blank and leave the viewer to interpret for themselves. A sort of uncanny valley.


      1. It’s funny how the viewer can write the story themselves, isn’t it? (Depending on their scripts.) I once saw a photo (as a newbie photog a decade ago) that showed two children running toward the tide- intertubes wrapped around themselves, laughing joyously. He had titled the pic “Prelude to Disaster”. It changed my life. :0) I think of that always. (Now, I like to leave things open to interpretation but with a deliberate twist on them.)



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