The Wetlands are a strange landscape, natural and artificial, old and new.

Nature was obviously there first but then came industry – drawn in by it’s need for water, space and a sea port nearby. It brought its big machines – the chimneys and factories that were drivers of the economy but in the post industrial age, they are less certain artefacts. They became derelicts or simply ran at half of the capacity that they were designed for.

Industry declined so the land was returned to nature but not without evidence of tampering. Power lines and water pipes criss cross the reserve where birds and other wildlife fliourish. The industrial ruins bring up the background, occassionally spewing out steam and smoke as a reminder.

So the landscape is the man made compromise with nature and one that looks good on a cloudless day with plenty of light for black and white film to come good. I like the nothingness in the sky which monochrome provides on such days. This mismatched landscape with the ruins of industry around it is one of my favourite topics.


Author: mostlymonochrome



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