Remembrance Sunday

Through The Trees

Bonfire Night

Tonight is Bonfire Night in the UK.  This is when we lights fires and set off fireworks to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ thwarted attempt to blow up parliament in 1605 as part of the Gunpowder Plot.  Subsequent generations have often felt a twinge of regret that he didn’t succeed.

because it takes place on a Monday which is a school night, a lot of the displays have been taking place over the weekend which means Bonfire Night seems to have lasted half of the week.

In contrast with past years, most of the action is in the hands of professional displays.  In my childhood, you stood at one end a field to watch a couple of roman candles from one hundred feet away.

But this weekend, I’ve been able to watch sophisticated rockets blasted a couple of hundred feet in the air from race courses, rugby clubs and cricket clubs without having to leave the house.    

The fireworks code.

Royal British Hotel


Mock Tudor


Golden Sunset

 Going out now to try and catch something before dusk.



Church and Cloud

Random Road


A Few Changes Around Here:

I was getting a bit fed up with the paid theme so I went back to the free one.  Despite the extra options, and a lot of playing with the CSS, I could never seem to get it looking the way I wanted.  So I went back to the simple themes.  I will lose the personalised web address but I don’t think it made much difference to the blog.

I am also getting a bit sick of using a fifteen year old version of Photoshop so I have downloaded GIMP and I now need to spend some time on it.  It’s quite a difference and I don’t know where everything is at the moment, but I will persevere.

The big, big change is that I actually went out and bought a DSLR – or to put it another way, a camera that doesn’t take film.  This could change my methods and the resulting photos a lot but in the meantime, I think I still have about five hundred black and white exposures to work through.

I tried a new logo; can’t make up my mind: