The Tree Man

Odd Ball

Fire Station



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fire Prevention: Fire Trucks, Fire Houses, Fire Hydrant, Firemen





I think that I’ve left too much space around the subject in these two photos although I sort of like that.  The other issue is that these golfing types tend not to like you getting on their green and standing on their balls.  So it was probably better to stand back and use the zoom.

My Favourite Frog

It the final weekly photo challenge and the topic is favourites.  This image is one of mine, and it’s also the post that gets the most view every time I check out my stats.  So the favorite image according to me and the wordpress public is a frog the size of a dinner plate:

For more details about the beast, check out the original post here

Final Weely Photo Challenge



The Medieval way of telling the time.

The Stage