Rowers and Runners



Running Through the Trees

Canon EOS1 Ilford 400

Aw went to Blaydon Races,

Race? What Race?

This is an example of when you’re taking a photo and someone walks into the frame that you don’t expect and you don’t notice.  This time it improves the photo.  It’s not just a photo of a road race, it’s a photo of a bloke on his way home about to get over taken next to the rubbish bin.

Nice expression on the face through the crowd.

People in races run too fast.  I think warm up might be the best time to take sports pictures.

Amateur Athletics

Somebody left the back gate open so I wandered in and took some pictures of an amateur athletics meet before anyone noticed and chucked me out.  Agfa colour film 200 speed.  I decided to only take pictures of the half of the stadium that was in sunlight rather than shade.  Overall, not great shots but I was in a hurry and wasn’t really prepared for it.