No two the same.




I had a think about Alisa’s photo challenge of Mysticism. I decided to go with the definition of the word which says the Mysticism is the awareness of aspects of reality normally beyond human perception.  So this is an infra-red film shot and it shows light that is normally beyond human perception.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

A sunset through the trees.  If you want to see another recent shot of the sun I took, scroll down or click here.

My contribution to

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+, 400

The Sky

Tree House

These are pictures I took of a treehouse using my canon and a 50mm lens.  It was a sunny day and the light was very good so I could take advantage and use a F22 aperture to make the picture sharp.  Treehouses are regarded as eco-friendly because you don’t need to clear the forest and you can use sustainable wood.  They also have the advantage of being high up enough to avoid dangerous animals although I doubt this is usually a problem in Northumberland.